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Homer Gilman Welcome to the Gilman Family genealogy website. This site is my effort to document and preserve our family memories and heritage.
To my family...Take a moment and allow your mind to drift into the past, remember and imagine what life was like as you take a tour of the gallery. Celebrate Family, for we are all one!


There is nothing like family.
Our memories sustain us
Through whatever life may bring.
Whatever we may be...
We are connected by ties that neither time
Nor distance can alter.

Richard Woodard

The historical information contained here has been compiled by Richard Gilman, Fred & Roberta Higginbotham, Edythalena Tompkins, Irene Swoboda, Leona Peugh, Ila Cartwright and Joyce Plog as well as many other contributors...Thank You All!

Links of Interest

Encinitas Walking Tour
This site has a walking tour of Encinitas and includes a piece on the J.W. Rupe General Merchandise Store by Irene (Rupe) Swoboda.
The Peugh Family Web Site
Schaaf Family Genelogy Site
The unofficial home page of SCHAAF families worldwide
St. Mary's Ridge History by Peter Hemmersbach (Anna's brother)
St. Mary's Ridge Church
St. Mary's Ridge 150th Celebration


Richard Gilman
Webmaster, Longboarder & General all around propeller head

The Website

Cardiff 1913 Established in July 2002, this site was originally only going to be a family photo gallery. However, it soon became apparent how important the geneology information was in relating to the photos. From the beginning, I was trying to maintain seperate systems for each side of my family. Well, that just became too much trouble (WORK). So in January 2003, I combined the Peugh family and the Gilman family trees into one system. There were too many things in common to keep them seperate. There were photos that had members of both families etc....so combined they are. The Kuljis family (my wife's family) will be joining the tree as well. Currently there are two seperate sites, this one and The Peugh Family Web Site . Both sites point to the exact same database. The home pages are the only things that are different.

Enjoy, Rich


06/05/10 - There has been a major breakthrough on the Gilman side of the family. I was able to connect John C Gilman into a line of Gilmans through an entry in the "Sons of the Revolution". Seems that my g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-grandfather was the first Gilman to arive in America in 1638. His name was Edward Gilman and his wife was Mary Clark. This line continues all the way back to around the year 438 A.D. in Wales. It mentions Gilmans related to Henry VII. Also an uncle Named Nicholas Gilman who was a New Hampshire deligate ratifying the US Constition (signature 22). His brother John Taylor Gilman was one of the Minutemen of 1775 and a selectman in 1777 and 1778 riding with Paul Revere. He was also a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 1779. Google for their names and see what you find. There are wikipedia pages for both Nicholas and John Taylor GIlman. How cool is that?

09/16/09 - I just completed a major overhaul of this website and I am happy to announce that we are running the latest version of the genalogy software and have upgraded the hardware to a server that was actually manufactured in this millenium. I also upgraded the operating system and all supporting applications to make sure we are at the latest patch levels for security reasons. There are many new and exciting features in this version of the genealogy software that I will need to learn about so I can take advantage of them. I have a huge backlog of information I need to add so stay tuned and be sure to check the "What's New" Section.

09/12/09 - I recently received an email regarding the passing of Lorine Aughinbaugh, daughter of Ethel Peugh, on Auggust 29, 2009 at the age of 96. We offer our sincere condolances to her family and friends.

12/20/07 - As you can tell I've been busy and haven't updated this site in a while. It is with great sadness that I report the passing of two family members recently. Irene Rupe (Swoboda) passed away August 31, 2007 at the ripe old age of 98. She was by far the largest contributor to this site. I had the pleasure of spending many hours with her as we scanned photos and she would tell the stories behind every one. Her recall was nothing short of amazing as was her life. We also lost Jerald Emmett Peugh on December 16, 2007. He was a big man with a big heart. A true gentle giant. He taught me to snow ski and he gave me his prized train collection when I was small. Both loved their family dearly and will be missed by all...May they rest in peace!!!

On a happier note, I finally made the connection between James William Rupe and Dallas Gordon Rupe Sr. (brothers) with the discovery of the obituary for Mrs. Dallas Rupe found amongst some family belongings. Dallas Rupe founded Dallas Rupe and Sons which was the very first chartered Investment Banking firm in the state of Texas. His company was the major underwriter for Neiman Marcos. They owned several hotels and the Dallas Morning News. There are even records of correspondence he had with Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum.

It seems that life got in the way and I was never able to attend the St. Mary's Ridge 150th Celebration. I did however get a copy of the book that was published that included information from this site. We discovered that Barbara and Mary Shafer were indeed cousins of Josephine Shaaf. Mary and Barbara are the daughters of Petronella Hemmersbach and Henry Shafer.

7/27/05 - Breaking News! The St. Mary's Ridge Connection - I recently discovered that John, Christina, and Christian Schaaf originally settled in a place called St. Mary's Ridge in Wisconsin upon their arrival to the US. Christian's wife, Anna Hemmersbach, and her family also settled there as well. Christina Schaaf married Peter Schreier, who was the very first pioneer of St Mary's Ridge. It seems that Anna's Father even donated the small bell for the original church. There is a group of descendents of the original pioneers of St. Mary's Ridge that are reearching the history of the area and are planning a 150th Celebration Sept. 8th, 9th and 10th 2006. The researchers are also producing a book of the history and descendents for the Celebration. Be sure to check the links in the lower left. I have also found out about Mary and Barbara Shafer. Watch for more news very soon!

1/9/04 - Well, sometimes a person just gets busy. Teenager in the house and all. Anyway, I did a little scanning and added a few people. Check out the "What's New Section" if you have a couple minutes! I'll be adding more soon!

4/28/03 - I bet you probably thought that I had lost interest in this project. Well...not at all! I have just been tied up with a swimming pool project in the back yard. I have been adding a few updates but will have to postpone any major work until probably mid July. Please check the "What's New" link from time to time because I'll try to add a few things as I get a chance! Click the "Pool" link in the menu bar if you're interested in how that project is coming along.

1/18/03 - I just combined the Peugh Family and the Gilman Family trees into one system as stated above. Just too many problems and work to keep them separate. I'm getting ready to do a lot more scanning so I can get all these photos in electronic form. I will also be working on a new system that will make navigating the photo gallery much easier and it will allow searching too.

1/7/03 - I just upgraded the Geneology software and it has some very nice new features. The Pedigree Charts are much nicer and I can now keep track of sources. There is a "What's New" section to view what's changed in the last 30 days. I replaced the bad UPS so the site will stay up now. Nothing worse than an Un-interuptable Power Source (UPS) that keeps interupting your power.

The Photos

As most of you know, I embarked on this photo fantasy back in 1987. Actually it was my mother that got all this started. She wanted to gather old family photos from everyone she could and then make copies to put into albums that she could give out to family members. She collected about 150 photos and I took 35mm photo copies of them. At the time, the only method I had to reproduce the photos was to make prints in the darkroom. Well that task became a little overwhelming and needless to say, the project got shelved. I did manage to make copies of all the photos and return the originals to their rightful owners. Enter affordable technology. Ninety percent of the photos contained on this site to date were electronically scanned from those 35mm negatives. I would like to extend a special thanks to all those who contributed photos! Especially Irene Swoboda, Leona Peugh, Ila Cartwright and most especially my mother Joyce Plog! This has been great fun for me and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Last Name:
First Name:
Most Wanted!

Should you come across any information regarding these individuals, I'd certainly appreciate hearing from you!

Parents of Thomas Spafford Pew
Martha Pew's grandparents on her father's side.
Parents of Mary Clark
Martha Pew's grandparents on her mother's side.
Lowell Lincoln Abram Peugh's father
We have no information as to his identity.
Samuel Kime's parents
We have some information that indicates his parents might be Heinrich Keim and Christina Holtzshuh. I'm still trying to verify that.
Ester Beaver
Enoch Kime's mother.
John Henry Fields
Elizabeth Fields father.
Elizabeth ?
Elizabeth Fields mother.
Parents of Joseph Blair Rupe
James Rupe's grandparents on his father's side.
Parents of Victoria Lewis
James Rupe's grandparents on his mothers's side.
Alta Bayliss
Adron Gilman's mother.
John C. Gilman
Adron Gilman's father.
Charles B. Peck
May Peck's father.
Lilly M. Frazier
May Peck's mother.
Nancy (Byrd) Marsh's Parents
We have no information regarding her parents.
May Peck's grandparents
We have no information regarding their identity.

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